Services & Rates

Why Use msChandre's Skin Care?

Keeping your mind, body, and soul in-tuned is just as important as getting a tune-up on your car; without it, eventually, you will not be capable of going anywhere.  

FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY:  Through using our confidential online sign-up process your bodywork & skin care membership from thyDiva is free! Online subscribers who complete our online forms, receive our continuous email updates and gift certificates, as well as make online payments and scheduling,  will have the opportunity to receive great discounts for body glam services--sometimes receiving up to 40% off massage therapy, body mineral treatments, beautification/decor, and elite tanning service sessions!  We will keep you well-aligned to face life energetically and stress-free.   Just keep checking for our updates in your email and on our social media sights.

ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON CLIENT'S NEEDS.  (Times listed include 10 min. for resurfacing) FOR DETAILS CALL:  1-877-595-9786

Acupressure Facials$60.00 / each
Airbrush Makeup$50.00 / each
Airbrush Tanning$60.00 / each
Airbrush Tanning$70.00 / each
Anti-Aging Treatments$125.00 / each
Aromatherapy$50.00 / each
Belavi Facial Massage$60.00 / each
Bellanina Facelift Massage$85.00 / each
Body Polish$50.00 / each
Body Sculpting$50.00 / each
Body Sculpting$85.00 / each
Body Sculpting$175.00 / each
Body Treatments$200.00 / each
Body Treatments$140.00 / each
Body Wraps$140.00 / each
Body Wraps$200.00 / each
Cellulite Treatments$50.00 / each
Cellulite Treatments$85.00 / each
Cellulite Treatments$175.00 / each
Cold Stone Facial$85.00 / each
European Facials$85.00 / each
Eyelash Enhancement$50.00 / each
Eyelash Extensions$85.00 / each
Facials$50.00 / each
Foot Treatments$150.00 / each
Foot Treatments$85.00 / each
Foot Treatments$50.00 / each
Hand Treatments$85.00 / each
Hand Treatments$50.00 / each
Herbal Exfoliation / Peels$50.00 / each
Lymph Drainage Therapy$85.00 / 90 minutes
Makeup$50.00 / each
Microdermabrasion$85.00 / each
Mud wraps$200.00 / each
Mud wraps$140.00 / each
Organic / Natural Therapies$85.00 / each
Oxygen Treatments$85.00 / each
Red Light Therapy$150.00 / each
Red Light Therapy$85.00 / each
Salt Scrubs$50.00 / each
Salt Scrubs$85.00 / each
Skin / Body Scrubs$140.00 / each
Skin / Body Scrubs$200.00 / each
Specialty Facials$200.00 / each
Spray Tanning$125.00 / each
Spray Tanning$70.00 / each
Spray Tanning$60.00 / each
Threading Hair Removal$25.00 / each
Warm Stone Facial$85.00 / each
Waxing - Women's full face wax (including brows)$75.00 / each